Az. ag. Eredi Luigi Benozzi

Az. ag. Eredi Luigi Benozzi

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Our farm is over one hundred years old and is located close to Sile Spring, the beautiful Villa Marcello and the Badoere Rotonda. We grow several products that we sell both wholesale and in our local shop: cherries, peaches, nectarines, pears, apples and various vegetables such as white and green and purple varieties of PGI Badoere asparagus, PGI late-season red radicchio, red radicchio, potatoes, courgettes, American potatoes, melons and watermelons. We also prepare jars of asparagus in brine and oil, pickled vinegar, honey and jams. We are proud to be the first farm in the Padoa region to be awarded PGI certification for our white and green Badoere asparagus, a product that is rapidly becoming famous both locally and internationally. Since my father is the president of the PGI Badoere Asparagus Consortium, we have developed relationships with school and tourist associations that are interested in learning about the vegetable. We have also been featured on some important TV programmes such as LINEA VERDE (Rai 1), MELA VERDE (Canale 5), LA VITA IN DIRETTA (Rai 1), OCCHIO AL PREZZO (Rai 2) and other local TV shows with a focus on our products. Our second PGI product is the late-season red Treviso radicchio, which is famous around the world. Thanks to these products, we are amongst the most renowned farms in the area, which has prompted us to invest in our company infrastructure. In the past few years we installed a photovoltaic system for electric energy production and started to electrify our watering systems.

Az. ag. Eredi Luigi Benozzi

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