The area

The ‘Camposampierese’ area houses over 100,000 inhabitants in 11 towns (Borgoricco, Campodarsego, Camposampiero, Loreggia, Massanzago, Piombino Dese, San Giorgio delle Pertiche, Santa Giustina in Colle, Trebaseleghe, Villa del Conte and Villanova di Camposampiero). The area is located at the border between the hilly and the low valley areas, in the heart of Ccentral Veneto.

Un territorio nel cuore del Veneto centrale
an area
11 towns
100.000 Inhabitants

This is a flat region, characterised by urban sprawl with vast industrial and artisanal areas and a strong tertiary sectore There are still several important agricultural spaces (growing cereals and vegetables), which have been recently expanded for small, multi-purpose companies.

Borgoricco Campodarsego Camposampiero Loreggia Massanzago Piombino Dese San Giorgio delle Pertiche Santa Giustina in Colle Trebaseleghe Villa del Conte Villanova di Camposampiero

2 siti UNESCO
Oltre 20 siti di interese storico
2 oasi protette
80 km di piste ciclabili
75 km di vie d'acqua
80 km di sentieri naturalistici
oltre 50 feste e tradizioni

Transport routes

The ‘Camposampierese’ area is characterised by excellent infrastructure that connects it to the main travel routes.

Santo state road

Many of the towns in Valle Agredo can be accessed directly from the Santo main road (towards Castelfranco Padova), which connects them quickly to major cities and the A4 Milan-Venice and A14 Padova-Bologna motorways.


The stations at Camposampiero, Campodarsego, San Giorgio delle Pertiche, Fratte and Villa del Conte lie on the Padova-Bassano line.

The stations at Piombino Dese and Trebaseleghe lie on the Venice- Trento line.

Local buses

Extra-urban bus routes in the provinces of Treviso and Padova link all the towns of the ‘Camposampierese’ area with major cities. The bus connections are frequent and well-organised.


Treviso Airport, which connects the area with several national destinations and 33 European cities, is located in the town of Quinto.

Marco Polo Airport in Venice, which offers several additional routes, is about 40 minutes by car from the centre of the area.

Staying here

The area offers several accommodation options with different levels of service and comfort to travellers who wish to stay in the region.

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