Palazzo Tiso

Palazzo Tiso



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Camposampiero’s severe city hall is the result of countless interventions of what the castle used to be of the feudal lineage of Camposampiero. The central building is a massive parallelepiped with the façade being divided into two parts: the lower band imitates a slight bossage in which over the windows of the mezzanine, a decorative pinnacle is created and the upper zone is smooth and divided by ten openings. The building is crowned with neo-gothic style battlements added in the early twentieth century. The tower that stands and leans against city hall dates back to the eleventh century with a further elevation in the seventeenth century. The southern front presents a sundial and between the four openings in the upper part, there is a painting of the Madonna and Child.

Palazzo Tiso

Piazza Castello, 35 Camposampiero (PD)

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