Villa Querini

Villa Querini



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Bibliographical and historical sources identify the noble Venetian family Bernardo as the builders and first owners of this villa, a typical example of a manor, and one of the most important monuments of Camposampiero, dating back to the end of the 1500s. For the largest part of the XII century, the Milani family owned the building, until, in 1968, Giovan Battista Milani leaves it to the Hospital of the Incurables of Venice. It then was passed on to the Civran family (1703), to the Castelli family (1704), and finally to the Querini family (1786), whose name it takes today. Currently it is used as the seat of the federation of Municipalities of the Camposampiere area and of the provincial Unpli. The villa is located in Via Cordenons, a favorable spot, along the Corso del Muson Vecchio, close to the historic center of town but on the outskirts of the countryside. The ground floor is made up of a central hall, originally used as a dining-living area, and of four other rooms that were used as the kitchen, pantry and service rooms. The first floor is made up of a large central room, surrounded by four other rooms, originally bedrooms, for the owners and the help. Finally, in the attic, in addition to two dressing rooms, we find a large barn that is a testament to the agricultural origins of the villa. Worthy of note inside the house are the Venice-style floors and the lofts with visible wooden beams, decorated by hand.

Villa Querini

Via Cordenons 17, 35012 Camposampiero (PD)

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