Cantina-Enoteca del Castellano

Cantina-Enoteca del Castellano



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The Cantina-Enoteca del Castellano is a traditional family firm, strongly rooted in the Camposampierese region, for direct sales of draught and bottled wines, spirits, grappa and liqueurs. The store sells a vast selection of bottled wines with over 300 Italian and international labels. Added to which are another 70 kinds of prestigious spirits and liqueurs, carefully selected to please every palate. A distinctive feature of our business is the sale of 50 kinds of cask wines. Among our services is the supply of cask wine systems for private parties, bars and restaurants. We set up the wine casks, you choose from some 50 wines and then the fun can begin! Matching the right wine with the right dish can be difficult at times, but in the store our experts will be around to welcome you with advice and wine tastings.

Cantina-Enoteca del Castellano

Via palladio 6, Camposampiero 35012

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