Il percorso Treviso Ostiglia

The Treviso-Ostiglia route


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La storia e nascita del percorso

History of the Treviso-Ostiglia railway line.

The Treviso-Ostiglia railway line was an Italian state-owned train line that connected Ostiglia to Treviso. It was built by the Italian army for strategic purposes in order to defend the north eastern edge of the country. The idea, however, was soon abandoned, leaving only the Padova-Bologna line. Years later, a group of MPs, led by Leone Wollemborg, petitioned for the project to be re-opened and the railway line finished. This was considered to be an important commercial decision, one that would benefit the large, rich agricultural areas of central Veneto. The First World War interrupted construction and work was later resumed in the 1920s. Ten years later, a few months after the start of World War II, the new railway line was opened but only a few trains were in use. The main stops, in addition to the two main stations on the line, were Camposampiero, Legnago and Grisignano di Zocco. It is important to remember that the route was used for the deportation of Jews to concentration camps in Nazi Germany. The railway line represented a strategic construction and was bombed several times by allied air forces. Today, the former railway line, thanks to a project run by the provinces of Padua and Treviso, has been transformed into a busy pedestrian and cycle route. The old railway stations and toll booths are still standing today, albeit in poor condition; they can be easily recognised and, in some areas, have been rebuilt and refurbished as commercial buildings.

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What the line looks like today.

Currently, cyclists can access almost 50km of the total 118km line. The entire portion that lies in the province of Padova is finished and completely paved. The line in the provinces of Padova and Treviso can be divided into three parts: from the edge of the Treviso province to Camposampiero, from Camposampiero to Pieve di Curtarolo, and from Pieve di Curtarolo to Bevadoro di Campodoro.

How to access the cycle path and where to park:

The Treviso-Ostiglia line can be accessed from several points near the former train stations.

  • From Campodoro: reach via Municipio 39 where you can leave your car and start the trail;
  • From Pieve di Curtarolo: park at the Cemetery in Via Monte Pasubio and start the trail;
  • From Camposampiero: the nearest parking area is located at Santuari Antoniani;
  • From Loreggia: the trail begins at via Tolomei 26. The former station is now a bar with an artisanal ice-cream parlor;
  • From Ronchi di Piombino Dese: park your car in Via Guglielmo Marconi and join the cycling path;
  • From Silvelle: park in front of the Church and start the trail;
  • From Badoere: park along main road 68, close to the old station;
  • From Quinto di Treviso: the trail begins at Via dei Birilli 6.

The main Treviso-Ostiglia train stations:

Ostiglia - starting point

Camposampiero km 88

Loreggia km 91

Ronchi di Piombino Dese km 94

Trebaseleghe km 98

Badoere km 101

Quinto di Treviso km 109

Treviso - final point, km 117