The name Valle Agredo

On Christmas Day 926, Ugo of Provenza, the King of Italy, gifted Treviso’s Bishop Adalberto a vast area that corresponds with today’s municipalities of Castelfranco, Camposampiero, Noale, Mirano and Badoere, and named it ‘Val d’Agredo’. The valley, which proceeds from Valsugana, was an important area for those travelling between Northern Europe, Venice and the Mediterranean. The region was visited by merchants, armies, pilgrims and travellers who introduced a tradition of cross-cultural exchange and contamination.

The choice of the name is meant to:

  • remember the old common origins of a shared tradition
  • rediscover and give value to the areas that formed part of the old Valle d’Agredo
  • promote local products and excellence.

Ugo di Provenza
Tomaso da Modena (1325-1379), Ugo of Provenza in Quaranta domenicani illustri, a fresco in the Capitol Room in the Church of San Nicolò, Treviso 1351 - 1352.